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Our LCM is the ideal solution for emergency lighting installations. Our most popular 4 pole LCM is fitted with a 4 pole  Metway socket outlet as standard, making any position suitable for emergency luminaires. It also contains a 4 pole terminal connection block, switched line, neutral earth and fixed line. We can also supply prewired LSZH cable with  Metway connectors to your specification, in sizes 3, 4, 5 & 6 core . 

Our bespoke service means all boxes can be configured to suit your particular needs, offering tailor made options to suit your particular requirements.

Enclosure material is halogen free thermoplastic, closure provided via quarter turn captive screws which provide for ease and speed of closure whilst preventing loss of screws.

See a small selection of our products below. Contact us for more details.

Our Lighting Control Modules

Light Connections lighting control modules (LCMs) are widely installed throughout Scotland in the commercial, hospital, and public sector  . Our bespoke design provides custom solutions to meet every need, and our cost-effective design ensures maximum savings on installation and maintenance. Order now and experience why our products are trusted by business and public sector clients alike.

Motion Detectors & PIR Sensors

PIR (Passive Infra-Red) controls are proven to save energy and money on lighting. They can turn lights down when natural light is sufficient, and off when a room is unoccupied. They can also provide security benefits, turning lights on when people enter a room or to deter intruders. They are widely specified for commercial use, such as in schools, hospitals, hotels, and offices. They provide an easy and efficient way to save energy and money.

Light Connections supply PIRs from many market leader PIR manufacturers including LeGrand (CP Electronics), B.E.G. and Hytronik 

Stand Alone PIRs

PIRs can be supplied 'stand alone' . We can supply a wide range of manufacturers products and offer our expertise in helping you select the most suitable 


Plug 'n' Play

PIRs can be supplied fitted with flex and ready to connect to our LCM's . 

Worker with Ladder


 As part of our one stop service ,we also supply connectors to fit our LCMs,  with or without leads. 

If you're looking for top-quality connectors for your electrical lighting needs, look no further. Our connectors are built to last, manufactured by trusted brands like Metway and Wieland among others . Whatever your specific needs are, we're confident that we have the right connector for you. Please see a small selection of our products below.

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