Motion Detectors & PIR Sensors

We supply a range of Passive Infra-Red Detectors including Microwave, Corridor and Great Height and can advise on your individual requirements. We supply PIR's from CP Electronics, BEG, Metway and Ex-OR manufacturers.


The photos to the left show BEG and CP Electronics manufactured  standard type PIR. 


Can be fitted to Light Connections box via PIR socket. 


Why use PIR's?

PIR or passive infra red detectors  bring benefits in ensuring lighting is only used when required. Can be fitted 'stand alone' or pluggable with sockets incorporated into lighting control modules(LCM), ensuring lighting only comes on when occupied and/or light level requires it.

  •  Energy Efficiency

  • Occupancy or  Light level settings

  • Cost Savings

  • User Security

  • User Comfort

  • Remote controlled or preset