Marshalling Boxes

Distribution boxes fitted with 4 pole Wieland or Metway  socket outlet as standard making any position suitable for emergency luminaires, 4 pole terminal connection block, switched line, neutral earth and fixed line. We can also supply LSF or LSZH cable with Wieland or Metway connectors to your specification e.g. cable size and length 3, 4, 5 & 6 core.

Enclosure material is halogen free thermoplastic closure provided via quarter turn captive screws which provide for ease and speed of closure whilst preventing loss of screws.

All boxes can be configured to suit your particular needs. Boxes are pre-wired with 4 pole terminal blocks as standard i.e. LI, N.E.L2. Modification to standard boxes can be carried out to client’s requirements, e.g. 5 pole sockets to accommodate dimming circuits, twin terminal blocks etc.

The configurations of our boxes are limitless therefore only some examples are shown.

Exterior of one of our 8 way standard 4 pole boxes. All boxes are wired for emergency.

Interior of one of our 6 way standard 4 pole boxes. Showing terminal block. All boxes are wired for emergency.

Exterior of 8 way box plus PIR socket – showing PIR and cable fitted.

Exterior of 2 way box plus 6 pole socket – commonly used in dimming applications.